What is the best Pocket Pussy

What is the best Pocket Pussy on the Market?

There is no direct answer to that question, there are just too many factors to consider. The first thing to remember is that most guys masturbates to get to the orgasm part,  that is actually the part that feels good. Imagine a toy that could take you there with a click of a button, it would be a hot seller for sure. Most of the pocket pussies available on the market is made from super realistic material which feels 10 times better than your hand. So the material the pocket pussy is made from does play a role, but to be honest a toy made from crappy material will not even exist in today’s market, it is just that competitive.

Another factor is price, this is actually a major driving force behind why some products gain market share and some don’t. This ties into the whole orgasm thing, at the end of the day all the pocket pussies will get you there. Some might get you there quicker but is it really worth paying $60 extra?

Doc Johnson Pocket PussyThe two major brands we promote on our site are the Doc Johnson UR3 and Fleshlight pocket pussies. Both are extremely well made, feels very realistic and gets the job done. The major difference between the two is brand name and market perception. Fleshlight has build an empire and is extremely well known around the world ( “The worlds best selling male sex toy). As with any popular name brand, you pay extra for it. I am not saying fleshlight is a poor product, not at all! it is probably the best made pocket pussy on the market. What I am saying is that you pay a premium for the brand. Compare this to the Doc Johnson pocket pussies, also a well made product but it sells for a fraction of the price.

Fleshlight Poket PussiesSo which is the best pocket pussy? It just depends what your goal is, do you want something less expensive that does the same job as a Fleshlight? or do you like the prestige of having a famous pornstars pussy wrapped around your cock? Some guys actually collect the different Fleshlight girl pocket pussies (not using them). It can thus be said that it comes down to what your preference is.


Jenna Jameson as Fleshlight Girl

The Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson, a Fleshlight Girl

Fleshlight is known to only add the cream of the crop to their list of Fleshlight Girls. They really struck it big when they got Jenna Jameson on board. Jenna Jameson is the undisputed Queen of porn and now you can have an exact copy of her pussy in the form of her Fleshlight. The full product review can be viewed here.

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