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We are all about the Pocket Pussy. The Pocket Pussy, also known as a stroker, is the world’s most favorite male sex toy. We will be reviewing and rating almost all the pocket Pussies or strokers that are currently available. Apart from that we will also be looking at new product launches, getting you the info before it hits the market.

Just a quick background on Pocket Pussies:

There are currently over a hundred different Pocket Pussies to choose from. Most are made in China but the most popular ones are American made. Fleshlight has become the world’s favorite  pocket pussy, with the Doc Johnston coming in second. The reason for these two brand’s success is due to the superior quality materials used to manufacture them. Typical industry material would be Cyberskin but Fleshlight for example created Real-Feel, which is now the benchmark for realism. These product are incredibly realistic in feel and touch, they even have warming effects which increases the sensation of a real pussy.

Pocket Pussies comes various styles, textures and sizes. Fleshlight for example make their product’s outer casings look like flashlights, making it more discreet. They also make the pocket Pussy look like a real pussy, they have even experimented with inner textures that mimic the feel of real pussies. Do they actually feel good? Yes they do, there are reviews all over the web giving praise to the realism of these products. There has been an increased interest in these products, Fleshlight has sold over 7 million of the Fleshlight Pink Lady toy alone! Doc Johnson products tend to experiment with the look of their products, creating products that looks like a miniature butt and pussy etc.

We would like to invite our visitors to submit reviews on their favorite pocket pussy, that way you help us and our visitors decide on picking a suitable product. Also, use the contact form here to send u a message if you have a question. We are Canadian based, go Canada!